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    Underworld Historical Locations

    Underworld Historical Locations

    Information about fictional settings for storylines taking place in a time period other than more or less the present. Please indicate what era you are referencing with the information you post. Posting here is optional, but can help establish any locations you may need.

    Gilda's Cottage (Baltic Sea)
    Gilda's Flat (Berlin)
    Neumann Hospital (Berlin)
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    Gilda's Flat

    Gilda's official residence is a small flat in Berlin. The flat is tiny, consisting of a compact main room and a cramped bedroom. The building is old and rundown, and seems to be in a constant state of disrepair.

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    Gilda's Cottage

    Gilda also has a remote cottage on an island just off the coast of the Baltic Sea. The place is heavily protected with Fae wards. Gilda rarely tells anyone about it - and certainly not people she meets during her masquerade among the humans.

    Most of the cottage appears to have been inherited as-is, with someone else's decor and even someone else's clutter. Gilda has done almost nothing to personalize the space. There is one notable exception, though: she has a large book collection, and it's clear that the many volumes are quite well loved.

    Gilda sleeps in the master bedroom.

    She also has two small spare rooms where she provides an occasional safe haven when needed for the Resistance.

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    Neumann Hospital, formerly Rosenberg Memorial Hospital (Berlin)

    The hospital was originally endowed by a Jewish family, but was renamed in the late 1930s to remove that association. Neumann Hospital is considered a very effective and modernized treatment facility. As of the time period of the storyline, the majority of patients are soldiers recovering from battle injuries too extensive to be treated in field hospitals or requiring long-term inpatient stays, but the hospital does also accept some standard civilian patients when other city hospital facilities have overflow. Their treatment success rate is high.

    Most patients are housed on communal wards, but there are a handful of private rooms for VIP patients. In general the rooms are simple and spare, but clean and comfortable.

    Surgical facilities are kept highly up-to-date despite citywide wartime shortages, and the operating suites are capable of handling everything from complex trauma to routine matters.

    Although primarily medical in function, the hospital is sometimes required to entertain guests or donors for events and meetings. For this purpose, the hospital is equipped with a large function room and a ballroom.

    Chief of Medical Operations for the hospital is Doctor Hermann Kraus. Kraus has a rather sumptuous office that is a bit over the top in terms of both luxury and hypermasculinity, but this is tolerated or looked upon fondly due to the stellar reputation Dr. Kraus holds.

    There is one area of the hospital that is totally off-limits to civilian visitors and even most military personnel: the basement. In fact, it is rarely even mentioned. Dr. Kraus uses the basement as a private workspace to experiment on imprisoned subjects he considers unusual or in need of prolonged medical study.

    Unlike the simple but comfortable wards in the hospital proper, the basement rooms are little more than windowless cells. The bed frames are bare and without mattresses, and the floors are cold concrete. Each subject is housed alone. Doors are securely locked and bolted from the outside.

    Kraus also maintains a private operating suite in the basement where he can conduct procedures on his experimental subjects. The room is heavily soundproofed. Following his experiments, there is no escape - live subjects end up back in their cells, and dead ones are taken directly to the morgue.

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