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Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2023 5:14 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Frenka Ivarj

"It's good to see you both too!" Frenka said with a smile. The sentiment was genuine, and reflected in her eyes and voice. But Frenka was starting to get a bit frazzled. There was simply too much going on in the market today, and she was becoming worried about her ability to protect her tribe effectively. Even a Rattataki - whether the reputation or the reality - couldn't be everywhere at once. She didn't want to risk their peaceful new home becoming the battleground between powers who needed to just leave them alone.

She gestured toward Susanna, Visper, and Lana. "This is my friend Susanna Shepard, fellow happy Rishi retiree. Lana Beniko, who I believe was directed toward a bargain on ship parts by another friend of mine. And... forgive me, but I simply can't keep track of all of Susanna's massive social circle. Your name is...?"

"Visper Averrod-Iresso." She didn't speak the title of 'Master' out loud, but it was fairly obvious. Pyrran, Vette, and Teizi in the background - unknown to Frenka and Susanna, and with Visper and and Lana not prepared to tip unnecessary cards - went unintroduced.

Frenka nodded amiably, then went on addressing the Agent and her partner, "What brings you to our little slice of paradise? This slice of paradise that has been unusually busy this morning. You will notice the three representatives from Volent Technology Systems here to make a donation of-- oh, there are only two now, how strange."

The Rattataki had of course noticed this discrepancy almost immediately, even if she was only now commenting on it, and it made her nervous. Why were there so many spies, Force users, corporate goons, and various and sundry other potential threats disrupting her happy little market family today?

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Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2023 6:57 pm
by Quaxo9
The Agent and Vector Hyllus

The Agent had turned toward the three women Frenka introduced as though she hadn't even seen them. She addressed Susanna directly, and barely glanced at the other two. That concerned him. Sith didn't tend to appreciate being ignored.

"A pleasure to meet a friend of Frenka's. You can call me Ange."

Another statement, spoken with far less warmth than she'd addressed Frenka, but carefully polite. She turned to face their mutual friend, her face quickly falling into its familiar serious mien.

"Well, we were just passing by and thought we'd say hello, but you are right. It does seem rather busy here today." She turned to survey the crowd along with Frenka and her eyes narrowed when they both counted out the Volent reps. Well, if one was missing...she might have an idea as to why. The Agent turned with an abrupt smile.

"Listen, I know you have your hands full here. Why don't you let me look into things? I happen to have some time on my hands."

Blatant lies, but delivered with such sincerity. He thought that the Agent succeeded at this simply because she believed she could will the past to align with her new present. Regardless, he was pleased with the thought of helping Frenka in any way they could.

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Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2023 6:50 pm
by Monkey Kitty
The Market

"Thank you!" Frenka said. "I appreciate it. Things are a bit too busy in the market for me to follow up myself."

She didn't mean the volume of customers, of course. The tribe could handle the flow of commerce on their own. No, Frenka's concern was all the various groups of powerful people showing up in their little corner of Rishi today. She didn't want to stray far in case she had to defend the haven they had built here. Again.

"I'll stick around too," Susanna offered. "I could use to get some more shopping done before Aric and the kids get home."

Despite her relaxed posture and easy tone, Susanna was concerned too. The Evocii might not be her people - not like they were Frenka's, certainly - but she did care what happened to them, and an extra set of hands and a spare blaster wouldn't go amiss if chaos broke out.

"Well, I plan to look into the situation," Lana said briskly. "I'll keep the relevant people posted about whatever I find."

She was leaving the options open for who those 'relevant people' might be - and certainly wasn't going to disclose to all and sundry strangers here that she was rushing straight to Theron to enlist his help. She and the SIS man made a good investigation team... but she didn't expect everyone to understand.

"I'll help," Visper offered.

The Sith nodded acceptance of the Jedi Master's assistance. Then she got on the comm to quietly let Theron - not mentioned by name out loud, of course - know the plan.

Vette, meanwhile, nudged Pyrran. "I think they're planning something. Wanna go?"

"Wouldn't miss it," Pyrran told her with a half smile. But he was worried. Something tugged at his mind, a warning - but was it the Force? Or his own anxieties getting in his way? For a Sith lord, it surely shouldn't be this hard to tell sometimes.

Now, however, they were all at a slightly awkward impasse. Did they split up, when they potentially had the same goal? Or were the Agent and her partner planning to make it a team effort?

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Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2023 9:35 am
by Quaxo9
Teizi Lin and Padawan Dallyn

Act in Master Pell's stead? Teizi scarcely had time to register the words before the woman in question disappeared into the throng, leaving her with a burden she was uncertain how to shoulder. She supposed that if the Master wanted to be present, but could not, that she should do her best to remain present with this strange assortment of people. Stepping forward, she nodded in greeting to those already established.

"My padawan and I stand ready to assist as well." she steepled her fingers in a more formal gesture to the four people she didn't already know. "I am Teizi Lin, this is Dallyn."

The Agent and Vector Hyllus

Strange. He sensed that she was pleased when the Sith Lana pledged to assist with whatever it was that they'd fallen into. Usually the Agent preferred to work alone and in secret. It was unlike her to simultaneously tip her hand and then be happy about someone else cutting into her project. Particularly a Sith.

"Why don't we share the burden of information then, and work together?"

Her response was cool, borderline innocent. It was disconcerting. She didn't even seem to mind when a Sith Pureblood and his slave girl joined in...ah, there was a familiar response. Another Jedi and her student. This was a development his Agent was not happy about. Still, she held her tongue and simply stared at the Jedi in response to her greeting. Why didn't she come up with some excuse to send them away? He feared that one day the Agent's willingness to watch and wait - matched only by her extreme self-confidence - would be the death of her.

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Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2024 4:41 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Lana Beniko and Theron Shan

"I suppose we could..." Lana's comm chirped. "Ah. Excuse me a moment."

"Work together?" Visper asked, casting a pointed look at the Sith who was now walking away within seconds of agreeing to do so.

"Hmph," Lana replied with a grumpy sniff, but then softened it with a knowing smile at the Master.

When she was out of earshot - of the other Imperial agent, in particular - she answered it. "Yes, Theron? You have something for me?"

"Uh. Possibly. That SIS squad I mentioned? They're requesting pre-clearance to depart atmo as soon as their shuttle makes it to their ship. They're in a big hurry. They're getting some grief about it from the spaceport authorities - such as they are - but they have no real reason to deny permission, so they'll let them go eventually. You're probably wondering what that has to do with us, and... I don't know, maybe nothing, but..."

"Oh, no, I do know that part. Do whatever you can to slow them down, Theron. Failing that, track their coordinates. We need to follow them."

"Uh, okay, can I ask...?"

"No. Not now. Later. Time is of the essence."

"Yes ma'am."

Her lip curled slightly into a smile. "That's more like it. Meet you at the spaceport."

Theron might not have the information to put it all together yet, but Lana thought she did.

These SIS goons had the Volent woman prisoner. It was the only explanation for why they wanted to depart immediately after her disappearance. They were taking her off-world somewhere, and wanted to be gone before her cronies could catch up. Well, that wasn't going to happen. These blunt instruments of the SIS weren't going to be the ones to learn this woman's secrets. Lana was.

She strode back to the others.

"I have a lead," she said without preamble or explanation. "We need to get ready to depart the planet immediately." Another thought crossed her mind. The Agent. Hm. That could be useful. "I assume you have a team standing by. No need to confirm or deny. But if so, perhaps you would be so kind as to have them help my operative track some SIS agents who are currently trying to beat a hasty retreat with our prize?"

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Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2024 7:46 pm
by Quaxo9
The Agent and Vector Hyllus

"Of course, my Lady." the Agent responded without moving an eyebrow or changing her inflection before she pulled out her comm pad and began sending typed commands to Kailyo back up in the ship. Her gaze was neutral, but he felt her insides twist. She would be regretting her decision to offer working together, no likely.

"I'm surprised."

He noticed that she paused, seemingly for dramatic effect.

"That the other Volent employees haven't raised the alarm. Perhaps someone should be following them."

The Agent looked pointedly at Jedi Lin and her padawan. There it was. He knew that she'd be attempting to pare down the group as soon as she deemed it reasonable to do so. Now it remained to be seen whether or not the Sith and the Master would agree with the suggestion.

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Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2024 6:51 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Lana Beniko

My Lady?

The apparent sarcasm in the Agent's response - even if her neutral tone belied it - took Lana by surprise. Did the Agent somehow fail to understand that time was of the essence if they were to track a departing ship? Did this woman expect to be negotiated with and begged for her help every step of the way? If so, this was going to be a long mission.

Well, there was no time for such things now. Perhaps Lana would take the time to mollify the Agent later. If she felt like it. For now, she let it pass with just the faintest brief arch of one eyebrow, which disappeared as quickly as it came.

"You raise a good point," Lana conceded. "But there is fortunately no need to reduce our numbers to do so. I believe Ms. Ivarj and her kin are well aware of everything that occurs within the market, and we have other support personnel who can pick up the trail when they inevitably leave."

Visper was already on comms - presumably to Felix - calling for backup from their temporary home base.

In truth, Lana was as hesitant to reduce their numbers as the Agent was to maintain them. All these people were Lana's allies. They were a buffer between her and... activities the Empire might (wrongly) think were not in their best interest were they to find out about them. A layer of friends around her made her feel - relaxed? Almost. Able to focus on the mission without the distraction of another Imperial second guessing her every move.

"I will remind everyone that further participation in this mission is utterly voluntary. If you wish to depart - if you feel you can achieve your goals more effectively on your own - you are free to leave."

Lana carefully did not address anyone in particular. But she would not claim that she imagined everyone present had equal chance of taking her up on it.

"With that said, we need to move. Assuming no one has any objection to making it to the spaceport before the ship leaves."

That last part was, perhaps, a bit too far. Lana regretted it as soon as she said it. But it was too late to withdraw it, and as she had said repeatedly by now, they did have to hurry. She'd make up for it later. Maybe.

Theron and Siralai met them at the spaceport docks. They were sweaty and out of breath from their haste to get there - but that just meant they fit in well with the usual Rishi crowd. Jasper had accompanied them long enough to provide a speeder; leaving it at the docks essentially guaranteed it would be stolen or stripped for scrap, so he would return to their villa after he dropped the others off. Theron gave him a discreet kiss goodbye - which caused Jasper to blush bright crimson - then he turned to the rest of the group.

Realizing there were two people he didn't know, but trusting those he did, he said, "Hello there. I'm Theron Shan. I'll cut to the chase here. I've got a trace on that ship, but they've got a head start. We should hop in Lana's ship and--" He saw her facial expression. "--Take absolutely excellent care of it and make sure it is not damaged, nicked, dented, blown up, impounded, or in any other way harmed in the slightest, and follow them."

Lana nodded, pacified. Slightly. It was worth the risk to her ship... but it would be awhile before she let anyone forget what had happened to it the last time it was volunteered for a mission.

Between Theron with them and Kaliyo working remotely, they were able to maintain a trace on the ship for most of its voyage, occasionally losing it but eventually picking it back up again. They flew for hours, far away from Rishi.

"Where the hell are they going?" Theron wondered aloud.

Eventually, it became clear.

"Pi Gamma Six," he finally said, pointing to the ship's viewscreen. "It's a large-ish asteroid. I've never been here, but I've heard rumors. We're technically in neutral space. Some SIS agents can be a little... flexible with Republic law out here. Looks like they have some kind of makeshift base near the eastern wastes. We'll have to land at a distance, and... figure out how to get in."

"Can't you just ask?" Lana suggested. "You do work for SIS, after all. You just need a reasonable story for why you're here and need to see the prisoner."

"Hm," Theron mused. "Yeah. Could work."

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Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2024 8:00 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Comm Message: Volent Field Personnel on Rishi to Liaison Central Office

Please deploy the follow supplies as soon as possible to ensure continued mission support:

*28 replacement hex bolts
*3 complete communications arrays
*1 long range antenna
*3 small data chips
*1 replacement generalized integrated network asset
*4-5 large chunks of cadmium
*1 augmented transistor
*2 mobile connected network processing units
*7 extension cords
*3 empty large barrels

Thank you.

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Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2024 1:44 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Comm Message Reply: Liaison Central Office to Rishi Team

Requested support supplies have been dispatched.

Upon your return, be prepared to present a full report of lost assets. The level of waste here defies belief.

It is imperative that you ensure appropriate clean up and disposal of all compromised assets prior to departure.

Is that understood?


Comm Message Reply: Rishi Team to Liaison Central Office

Duly noted.

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Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2024 6:49 pm
by Monkey Kitty
Siralai Mahr

Siralai's comm chimed. She stepped aside to answer it, and saw it was Jasper.

"What's going on?" she asked, immediately worried. "Is everyone alright?"

"Yeah, it's not that. It's fine. It's just... something kind of odd happened. We've been watching the Volent people, like you said. I think they're getting ready to leave the planet. Maybe to follow you? So be careful, okay?"

"We will. We knew they might do this, though."

"Yeah, that's not why I'm calling. That's not the odd part. That lady? Gina Valli? The one you've been following SIS halfway across the sector trying to find?"


"This is going to sound crazy. But I just saw her. She's at the spaceport here on Rishi."

"That's... well... thanks, Jasper."

Siralai had no idea exactly what to make of that.